Monday, February 17, 2014

Helping My Child Read and Write


You are your child’s first and most important teacher. When you help your
child learn to read, write, and think critically, you are opening the door to the
rich world of learning.
For your child, learning to read can begin with listening to you reading stories
and newspaper articles aloud. Before long, your child will show interest in
reading stories and other materials on his or her own. It is very important to
talk about the ideas in a book or magazine, to ask questions that encourage
your child to think, and to let your child talk to you about his or her responses
to what has been read.
Your child can learn how to read and write more easily with your help. With
regular practice, he or she will develop fluency in both reading and writing. At
the same time, your child will also learn to think critically about the stories or
informational materials that he or she reads.
Families can incorporate literacy activities anywhere – developing literacy is
not just what children do while at school. It is important that you look for
opportunities for your child to learn wherever you are and whenever you can.
Literacy is part of every day in some way, no matter what you are doing or
where you are. Literacy skills are used in all kinds of situations – for example,
when reading food labels, when talking with other children on the soccer
field, when discussing a movie with the family, or when writing lists to be
posted on the refrigerator.
It’s important for you to encourage your child and to show that you have
confidence in him or her. Avoid comparing your child’s performance with
that of other children. Remember that learning to read and write does not
take place all at once. Also, learning to read and write is not always easy, and
children need to know that everyone learns at different rates. Children learn
to read and write over time with lots of practice and with support from parents

and teachers.

Ms. Nora Sierra
Early Childhood Coordinator
Discovery School

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