Monday, March 17, 2014

The Power of a Good Preschool Math Program


All preschool math program requirements and schools look to strengthen math instruction for students across the grades. Parents and educators can play an important role in ensuring that practices that have proven to be effective in promoting math learning are in place:
·        Collect baseline information. Know what concepts and skills a child has already learned so that an effective program of instruction and support can be designed and implemented early in the preschool year.
·        Children will need different types of instruction and support. Teachers will want to meet students “where they are” and tailor instruction to build on the individual child’s knowledge and ability.
·        Make math real. Be sure to reinforce and practice math learning throughout the day, in school, at home, and in the community.
·        Learn math by living math. Focus less on passive learning (such as listening to someone explain and demonstrate), and provide lots of hands-on activities. Young children (and older ones too!) learn by doing.
·        Forge parent-teacher partnerships. Many parents aren’t sure how to teach their preschoolers math at home. Use parent-teacher conferences to discuss strategies that have been successful in the classroom and talk about how these can be reinforced in everyday games and activities at home.
Ms. Nora Sierra
Kindergarten Teacher
Early Childhood Coordinator
Discovery School

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