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February 9,2015

How can parents help an emergent reader at home?

Help your child choose books that they can read without much help. While they are reading, help them do the following:
·        Identify high-frequency words (popcorn words) such as the, I, my, in
·        Encourage your child to use pictures to help identify unknown words.
·        Match one-to-one (pointing to a word while saying it) consistently.
·        Use the beginning letter/sound to problem-solve words and to confirm word choice.
·        Re-read familiar books to help build fluency.
·        Encourage your child to read in phrases and not just word for word.
·        Talk about what is happening in the illustrations or photographs.
·        Retell/recall some events in a story.

Should I continue to read to my child?

Yes! Reading to your child is powerful, not matter what age they are. Experts recommend that parents read to their children through high school. Children love to hear a parent read aloud. Allow your child to select a favorite story and don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading the same story over and over. Your own enthusiasm will help your child realize that reading is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Even after your child learns how to read, please don’t stop reading aloud.

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