Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Reading Aloud to Your Child: The Loving, Personal Gift

Without a doubt, reading aloud is a gift you can freely give your children from the day you bring them home from the hospital until the time they leave the nest. Children's reading experts agree that reading aloud is the easiest and most effective way to turn children into lifelong readers. And it's as much fun for you as it is for your children.
A child whose day includes listening to rhythmic sounds and lively stories is more likely to grow up loving books. And a child who loves books will want to learn to read them.
To spark that desire in your children, we have collected some useful tips for you to consider. Feel free to make use of those that work well for you and your children, and to add your own ideas.
In addition to the usual reading places—a couch, an overstuffed armchair, a child's bed—consider less traditional ones:
·        Outside under a shady tree, in a sandbox or a hammock, or at a nearby park.
·        Toss a sheet over a clothesline or table to create a reading hideaway.
·        Keep a book in the glove compartment of your car for long road trips or traffic delays.
·        Spread a blanket on the floor for an indoor reading picnic.

·        Use your imagination. Almost every room in your house offers exciting reading possibilities.

Nora Sierra
Early Childhood Assistant Principal
Discovery School
(504)9500-1720(school cell)

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