Thursday, September 3, 2015


Honduras Independence Day Celebration is preceded by weeks of listening to school kids practicing their march, dance and music. Throughout Honduras you can hear drums, see children being escorted down streets by teachers in military style march practices gearing up for the show they must put on to celebrate Honduras Flag Day officially every September 6th followed by their towns parade on the 15th of September to celebrate Independence day. The old timers have their families take them to view the parades and dance shows, the tourist gawk and take pictures and get in a festive mood. Younger generations sport their National Soccer team jerseys (since the colors match the flag and just about everyone from the poor to the rich has one) and the teenagers and children put on their show.

At the end of the day, in most small towns there is a lowering of the flag ceremony since they cannot afford to keep the flags flying at all times due to the wear and tear they sustain if used daily and limited budgets to continue replacing them throughout the year. Night time is followed by celebration parties in the streets as well as night clubs and bars in major cities.

Everyone enjoys a good time and breathes a sigh of relief as the Honduran children are happy to not have to continue their daily after school to as late as 10:00PM in many communities march and band practices that began at the beginning of the month to celebrate Honduras Flag Day on the 6th of September and continued every day including weekends.

The towns people can watch the news and TV shows or listen to the radio without having to crank the volume up in order to suppress the sound of the drums they have been listening to every evening for weeks and teachers prepare to celebrate their day off as Honduran Independence Day every year is followed by Teachers Day in Honduras the 17th of September.
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